New Texans Coach Is A Sad Trombone Hire

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The Houston Texans are the last remaining team to fill their head coaching vacancy, but at least it’s done. The Bill O’Brien replacement will be none other than David Culley, according to a tweet from Adam Schefter at ESPN.

If you’re wondering who David Culley is, don’t worry … you’re not alone. That’s been a common theme on social media following the news. He held three titles with the Baltimore Ravens: associate head coach, passing game coordinator and wide receivers coach.

Culley has been in the NFL coaching game for close to three decades. He’s spent time with the Buccaneers, Steelers, Eagles, Chiefs, Bills and Ravens. That means the Texans will be the seventh franchise to employ Culley, but it will be his first as a head coach.

This is a guy who has a ton of respect in NFL circles. Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid has been a big advocate for Culley in the past, but this is still an uninspiring hire. Granted, none of the final candidates were considered home run options.

It might concern fans that he’s just now getting his first crack at being a head coach at the age of 65 (he’ll be 66 around the start of the season.) Culley has achieved a lot in his lifetime. He was the first black quarterback at Vanderbilt University.

That’s a fantastic accomplishment, but the hire still seems to fall flat. A 65-year-old passing game coordinator with no head coaching experience is a tough sell to Texan fans, but with limited draft capital, cap space and a disgruntled quarterback, the job was a tough sell too.

It would be a great story if Culley could overcome the odds and be successful in his first run as leading man. We won’t get our hopes up, though. He’s already the fourth-oldest coach in the NFL.

Maybe the Texans can hire Josh McCown as the offensive coordinator and groom him to be the eventual replacement. Eh, I’m just reaching now.

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Written by Clint Lamb

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  1. Does Greg Roman not want a head coaching job? After working with athletic quarterbacks who were very suspect passers (Kaep and Lamar), a more complete quarterback like Watson seems like a dream fit. I can’t believe they’d take Culley over him. But he is black so maybe that makes Watson happy? Haha.

    • I’ve heard a multitude of factors:

      1) His history at Colorado (as a player and as their OC)
      2) How good is he REALLY given that Andy Reid is the architect of the offense at KC?
      3) Multiple reports of him being a terrible interview

      • Considering the huge push from all the SJW and stat-nerds saying he just HAD to be hired, he has to be the worst interview around. He’s been interviewed many times. I feel like he’s going to be the next coach who stood next to the guy so he landed a job but didn’t actually deserve it.

        The Peter Principle is real, he’s probably at his peak, and that’s ok. Not everyone is meant to be a head coach.

    • I think EB’s past may be an issue.

      However, I just don’t think anyone really believes he has anything to do with the success at KC offensively. And that’s the main driver, everyone knows it’s all Reid’s work and EB is more or less an offensive administrator, not coordinator.

      He’s in a tough spot really. He has three options, demand to call plays next year for KC, leave for another team where he can be the real OC, or wait it all out if/when someone calls his number. Reid is not giving up play calling, forget that. If he leaves, he’ll invariably look worse away from all those KC weapons. And if he chooses to wait it out, the impression will grow that he doesn’t want to prove himself. Pickle really.

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