New OT Rules Proposed in College Football: Goodbye TDs, Hello 2pt Shootouts?

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A new overtime rule has been proposed in college football this season and it could lead to a two-point shootout would beginning in the third overtime.

The Associated Press’ Ralph D’Russo reports NCAA Rules Committee has recommended that teams must go for two points after a touchdown in the second overtime, and from the third overtime on, it could become a two-point shootout.

Russo said a vast majority of overtime games end within two possessions and the goal is to try to have a winner while avoiding lengthy games that wear out players, he said.

The Athletic reports the NCAA Playing Rules Oversight Panel will discuss changes in late April.

“Faking injuries remains a point of discussion,” The Athletic’s Chris Vannini tweeted. “Rules committee proposing a framework to allow a team/conference to request post-game video review about a fake injury.”

Vannini also said it will be a point of emphasis for officials to throw flags for taunting during the 2021 season.

Written by Megan Turner

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  1. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

    College overtimes are perfect. Why mess with them? So what if every 5 or 6 years a game goes into 5,6,7 OTs. My 9 year old still talks about the 7 OT A&M/LSU game I let him stay up and watch with me. I still remember where I watched the 2001 7 OT Razorback/Ole Miss game.

  2. I’m not sure why there has to be ANY wait to make teams go for 2 in OT? The goal should be to reach a victor as soon as possible to avoid increasing risk of injury due to fatigue. Rarely do you see “good” football in OT, because both teams are gassed. It’s just a race to see who screws up first. Just make everyone go for 2 in the first OT. I don’t understand why we wait at all? It’s completely fair.

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