Watch This Saints Drill And Tell Us What It Is…

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Most all of us have been around sports in some way or another. Playing, coaching, watching… whatever. There have been times in those experiences where we see something that makes us wonder what the hell is happening.

The latest New Orleans Saints drill is one such moment. This is a … thing?

No. 88 is listed on the roster as Ty Montgomery, No. 11 behind him is Deonte Harris, and No. 12 is Marquez Callaway, which leads us to believe that the drill is designed for receivers.

What it is, still not sure. Maybe something to help with balance and finishing forward as the player battles for extra yards?

With how prolific the Saints passing game has been over the last decade we won’t pass judgement, we just have never seen anything like this before.

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  1. I’ve played a lot of football, and coached enough…but the best I can figure is this is trying to simulate those low to the ground collisions where your momentum is still forward and you are bouncing around but not “down” yet…if we see one of those moments from a Saints receiver this year and he rights himself for a long TD we’ll know the value of the yoga ball 😂

  2. They are practicing for that 1 in a million chance that a big rubber bouncy ball gets thrown onto the field by a fan and knocks down a RB.

    This was developed by Dan Snyder of the Redskins. They don’t use the drill anymore because they don’t have live fans anymore. 💩

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