New Jersey Voters Write In Joe Rogan, Morgan Freeman, Tucker Carlson & Mickey Mouse For President

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Burlington County, New Jersey election results are in, and there are some interesting write-ins amongst the 181,000-plus votes counted as of 8:22 ET. Burlington County includes the northern suburbs of Philadelphia and runs to the east almost all the way to the Atlantic Ocean. Voters cast ballots for a variety of people and even a cartoon character, Mickey Mouse.

You give Americans the chance to write in candidates, and they don’t disappoint.

Those receiving write-in votes:

Dave Chappelle

Gary Busey

Morgan Freeman

Eddie Van Halen

Dan Crenshaw

Joe Rogan


The Rock



Joe Exotic

Charles Barkley

Tom Brady

In other New Jersey voting news, the state voted overwhelmingly to legalize marijuana. “The Associated Press called the race just after 9:30 p.m., with just about 67% of New Jerseyans voting ‘yes’ and 32% voting against legalization, with 57% of votes counted,” reported.

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Written by Joe Kinsey

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