New Homeowner Discovers Doll & Bizarre Warning Letter Behind Wall

Let’s say you buy a new house and immediately start knocking out walls only to find a doll buried behind a wall with an accompanying bizarre note saying how the doll murdered a family years ago.You’re probably laughing it off, but it’s then buried in the back of your head that you might’ve just walked into a Child’s Play type scenario and this Emily doll is going to come to life in the middle of the night only to chomp on your arm like Chucky did in the 1988 classic.

New homeowner Jonathan Lewis, a schoolteacher, got the keys to his new home in the Liverpool neighborhood of Walton and started going to work on a few things that needed to be taken care of, he told the Liverpool Echo.

“I’ve just bought the house and I got the keys on Friday. I kind of knew there was this void underneath the stairs that had been plaster boarded up,” Lewis told the newspaper.

“There was a wire coming out where the previous owners had the fridge, but I didn’t know where the wire was plugged in so I knocked through a bit of the plasterboard to see what was there.

“I knocked through a hole about the size of a fist, shone a light in and there was a doll just sitting there.”

Doll behind wall
via Jonathan Lewis / Liverpool Echo / NY Post

Her name is Emily. And, according to the note in the wall, she has a murderous history.

“Thank you for freeing me!” the note reads.

“My name is Emily. My original owners lived in this house in 1961. I didn’t like them so they had to go.

“All they did was sing and be merry. It was sickening. Stabbing was my choice of death for them so I hope you have knives.

“Hope you sleep well.”

Now, the Internet sleuths note that the paper hasn’t yellowed, so it’s not like this letter’s been in the wall since the 1960s. They’re not buying this bit about Emily bludgeoning the original owners of the house.

Yeah, and Karen in Child’s Play never thought Chucky would come to life and go all NSFW on her. “You stupid b–ch! You filthy slut! I’ll teach you to f–k with me!” Chucky yells as Karen threatens to burn Chucky alive in a fireplace.

Good luck, Jonathan.

It’s all fun and games for the new homeowner until Emily comes to life and butchers him into 500 pieces for local police to find one of these days.

Note in a wall via Jonathan Lewis : Liverpool Echo : NY Post
via Jonathan Lewis : Liverpool Echo : NY Post

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