New Details Reveal Bryan Kohberger Bought Suspected Murder Weapon On Amazon, Likely Created Eerily Informed Facebook Account

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Bryan Kohberger stood silent in court Monday as a judge entered not-guilty pleas on charges of murder and burglary in connection with the stabbings of four University of Idaho students in November.

The judge also approved a six-week trial beginning October 2.

Other than that, an ongoing gag order continues to suppress public information regarding the case. Although details have leaked through the media.

Particularly to Dateline.

Friday, Dateline aired a special titled “The Killings on King Road,” in which the series published unreleased details regarding Kohberger, 28, and the four victims: Madison Mogen, 21; Kaylee Goncalves, 21; Xana Kernodle, 20; and Ethan Chapin, 20.

Most notably, the show reported that Kohberger purchased a Ka-Bar knife and sheath from Amazon seven months before the murders on King Road.

The model Ka-bar sounds familiar to followers of the case. It was a specific Ka-Bar sheath left behind at the scene that contained Kohberger’s DNA that helped lead investigators to arrest him.

It’s likely officials now have a record of Kohberger purchasing the most crucial piece of evidence thus far (or that the public knows of).

Dateline also lent credence to popular theory among internet sleuths, that Kohberger created an anonymous Facebook account to post facts about the murders.

Meet “Pappa Rodger.”

According to the special, law enforcement officers are “convinced” Kohberger is behind the account.

As OutKick previously reported, the alias had posted several specific predictions about the murder case before Bryan Kohberger’s arrest.

Rodger’s psychic-like “predictions” were as if he had inside access to the investigation. Or was at the scene of the crime.

It was Pappa Rodger who first mentioned the infamous sheath. He did so one month before police ever announced they had discovered a sheath inside the murder house.

But as the account gained attention, Pappa Rodger’s prediction became less accurate. Sleuths believe that was intentional, to steer the investigation toward false conclusions:

Pappa Rodger had frantically commented on the case for over a month. Then he stopped.

When did he stop? Get this: immediately after Kohberger’s arrest.

Did the person behind the account lose access to Facebook? Lose interest in the case? Or was he arrested?

On a more technical note, the Facebook account likely won’t play a role in the prosecution. They probably won’t need it.

In addition to the sheath, authorities have Kohberger’s cell phone pinged near the crime location 12 different times.

Police also seized hair samples, fabric with dark red stains, and a single black glove from Kohberger’s Washington apartment.

Circumstantial evidence is enough to convict a murderer. And the DNA-covered sheath puts Bryan Kohberger — any maybe Pappa Rodger — at the scene of the quadruple murder on King Road.

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  1. He’s in jail 1/2 mile from my house.
    Rest assured we were all pleased when it was discovered that he’s not from here and equally pleased when (most of) the national press went home.

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