New College Football Rules That Could Affect Your Bets

College football returns in just one week, and with it come a handful of new rules that fans will want to understand, especially if money is on the line.

In years past, sad ‘over’ bettors hoping for a shootout but instead receiving a mess of turnovers and dropped passes could always hold out hope for a wild overtime scoring spree. This year, some overtime points will still be available, but not like before.

Teams will now be required to run a 2-point conversion play after a touchdown in the second overtime. Previously, 2-point conversions were only required after the third overtime.

And if the game is still somehow tied after the third overtime? Each team will begin running 2-point conversion plays only. Yes, beginning in the fourth OT, the offense will simply line up on the 2-yard-line and try to punch it in, surely resulting in a big pile of bodies and all sorts of goal line uncertainty for the refs to sort through.

Some other smaller rule changes that fans may find interesting:

  • Faking an injury still can’t be penalized in-game, but footage can be sent for review, with punishments being doled out after the fact.
  • Coaches leaving the coaching box will be subjected to 15-yard unsportsmanlike penalties. Taunting, and home-field video or audio distractions will also carry penalties.
  • Players will be much more heavily monitored for uniform infractions, like undershirts hanging below the waist. The infractions won’t be penalized, but players will be forced to leave the game if caught, which could result in some important players missing action late in games.

All told, the rules aren’t changing drastically, but the new overtime rules should be understood before dipping your toe into a totals bet.

Cover photo via Matt Cashore, US Presswire

Written by TK Sanders

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