Nets’ Kyrie Irving Is Out Of Shape And Won’t Play Tonight

According to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, Brooklyn Nets star Kyrie Irving will not play tonight as he “ramps up his conditioning”. Sounds like he partied himself out of shape, and is now slated to miss his seventh consecutive game since January 5.

That four-year, $136 million contract looks worse by the day.

For those keeping track, Brooklyn has only played 14 games, so essentially Kyrie attends work half the time. If you remember half days your senior year of highschool–Kyrie is living that dream for $500,000 a day.

Tough life. 

What’s clear is that Kevin Durant made a nonsensical decision to pair up with Irving at all, but at least Brooklyn found a way to acquire James Harden to play in Kyrie’s role. We should expect misfit Kyrie Wednesday night in Cleveland to give the world their first glimpse at the KD-Harden-Irving trio. 

Kyrie only has to make it another 48 hours without doing anything stupid to derail that. What could go wrong?


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  1. Is Kyrie and Harden having a race to see who will flame out first?

    Wonder if KD is regretting leaving the Warriors now? At least Steph and Klay got knocked out because of injuries on the field and not because they hit the buffet line and bars.

  2. Does everyone realize how stupid the NBA is..the NBA is a waste…blowouts every night; unwatchable…everyone focused on forming a big 3 via free agency..*yawn*…durant and harden were already on a team together!!!! and i was told harden left because of westbrook and durant!!

    I cant care about LeBron anymore because i know that he despises me as a person, and would prefer the everyday Chinese citizen…which is fine…we’re all human all deserving of love, but don’t openly tell me how much you hate me then expect me to care about you in return, and paint garbage on your court and…you get the picture…the NBA is a waste of time, the circle jerk of woke money (im sure some of that is mine) can continue…i surely wont give any time to it..which really is just as precious as money

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