Netflix Reportedly Might Be Preparing To Make A Huge Change

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People who enjoy binge watching Netflix might be in for a rough change at some point down the road.

One of the best things about the streaming giant is the fact that pretty much every single series on it drops all at once. That means viewers don’t have to wait for a new episode every week, and instead can pop some popcorn and crush an entire season of a show in a day.

It’s always been a major selling point, but it might be changing.

Netflix reportedly considering a change to its release format. (Credit: Netflix)

Puck News (via reported the most famous brand in streaming might make the switch to dropping episodes every week instead of all at once.

The advantage for Netflix to transition to a weekly model is that it doesn’t allow people to only subscribe for a month to kill a show.

Will Netflix change its release format? (Credit: Netflix)

Viewers must subscribe over the course of several months in order to enjoy a show. Currently, Amazon and Hulu both use this model for a lot of major series, including “Outer Range” and “Only Murders in the Building.”

While Netflix ponders a shift, there has already been some toying by the company when it comes to not releasing everything at once.

The final season of “Ozark,” and season four of “Stranger Things” were both split up. In order to watch both series, you had to be a subscriber for at least two months.

That definitely wasn’t an accident, and it now sounds like Netflix might consider making that a more permanent model.

One of the problems is Netflix is dropping subscribers at an alarming rate, and lost a staggering million subscribers earlier in 2022.

Forcing people to stick around over the course of several months is one way to stop the hemorrhaging. Will it work? Only time will tell, but other than great productions like “Stranger Things” and “Ozark,” it’s hard to imagine many bite the bullet.

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