Nebraska Teacher Compares ‘Anti-Maskers’ to KKK

It’s unclear what defines an anti-masker. Is it someone who chooses not to wear a mask while alone in their car, or is it someone who actively spreads lies about mask-wearing on fringe message boards? We don’t know. Whoever gets to decide has never given us a consistent definition. But apparently, one Nebraska school teacher knows what anti-maskers look like, and she considers them very disgusting people.

According to WOWT, an unnamed schoolteacher in Nebraska says anti-maskers are included in a group known as “they,” who support the klansman hood.

Elkhorn Public Schools has since put this nutjob on leave:

The teacher still defended her actions.

“What I’m saying is that Ku Klux Klan members, if they’re anti-maskers, they’re hypocrites,” she said.

Ohhhh. Now we understand… 

It’s not that the image was offensive. Instead, it’s the realization of how dumb someone must be to post that online. That goes for public school teachers and truck drivers, the latter of whom are more moderate politically.

I don’t call often for anyone’s job, but this teacher should not be teaching anyone.

“It’s very alarming to know that we have personal views leaking into the district,” parent Ann Mouw said about the teacher.

Correct. Though that’s been going on for years.

Between this woman, the Utah teacher caught on video antagonizing unvaccinated students, the teacher in Washington ready to let unvaccinated people “die,” and CRT — you begin to seriously fear for the future of this country.

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.


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  1. One of Joe bidens” mentors” his words was the late senator Robert Byrd the only kkk grand wizard ever in the senate and Biden said he didn’t want his kids in schools that were a” racial jungle” his words once again he was for segregation.

  2. It shows the left becomes more unhinged everyday.

    It also shows so-called public school teachers are nothing but leftist indoctrinators. Parents should remove their children from public school if possible. Parents should at least review every lesson and every textbook their children bring home if they can’t remove them from public schools.

    It’s time to end public schools because they’re not educating children.

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