Nebraska Police Pull Over Man Driving With a Full-Sized Bull

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Nebraska police pulled over a man on the highway for driving with a full-sized bull in the passenger seat of his car.

Wednesday, witnesses alerted Norfolk police about a car driving around with a “cow.”

Police Captain Chad Reiman told News Channel Nebraska authorities expected the cow “to be a calf, something small or something that would actually fit inside the vehicle.”

But it wasn’t. It was a Watusi bull.

Meet Lee Meyer, the driver. And Howdy Doody, the shotgun-riding bull:

Only in Nebraska.

The driver had to modify his Ford Crown Victoria to fit the large animal inside his car. According to the Daily Caller, the vehicle was outfitted with a guard rail to keep the animal secured.

Meyer also removed a portion of the windshield to make room for Howdy Doody’s head and curving horns.

It’s safe to say Wednesday was not the only time Howdy Doody had come along for the ride.

“The officer wrote him some warnings,” Reiman said.

“There were some citable issues with that situation. The officer chose to write him a warning and ask him to take the animal back home and leave the city.” 

It’s unclear if police let Howdy Doody off easy with a warning because of his fame.

The bull is a regular attraction at parades and fairs throughout the Cornhusker State. He isn’t your ordinary bull. He doesn’t live the normal bull life.


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