Nebraska Pole-Vaulter Jess Gardner Just Declared War On Summer

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Nebraska pole vaulter Jess Gardner just told the rest of the wannabe college influencers, “I’m here,” with a bikini-clad Instagram missile.

The up-and-coming Husker star fired her shot over the weekend, and it’s since garnered thousands of likes and comments. The junior burst onto the influencer scene late last year, drawing comparisons to Olivia Dunne.

Looks like she’s now ready to close the gap.

Jess Gardner announces ‘I’m here’ to Olivia Dunne, rest of the world

Don’t know where here is, but it certainly doesn’t look like Antarctica.

This is the second time this summer Gardner has sent the social media streets into a frenzy. Shockingly, both times have involved a bikini. Funny how that works.

The rising star has seen her following explode in recent months — right around the time OutKick first discovered her — and it’s clear she’s about to take off like a rocket ship.

Hell, she may already be the most outgoing of all up-and-coming college athlete influencers. Don’t forget, Gardner went viral last month for bravely telling her over 200,000 TikTok followers she had a third nipple.

“It’s true, I do have a third nipple, I’m not going to lie,” she said, replying to Mike M’s question, 3rd nip?

“I used to be ashamed, but I’m just going to own it. My sisters used to call me triple nipple.”

Look out, world. The fall is right around the corner, and it looks like Jess Gardner has declared war on the rest of you.

Buckle up.

Written by Zach Dean

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