Nebraska Fan Spends Massive Amount Of Money To Help Keep Sellout Streak Alive

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One Nebraska fan dropped a ton of cash to make sure the program’s sellout streak didn’t come to an unfortunate end.

With the Cornhuskers sitting at 3-3 and with an interim head coach, there were at least 500 tickets available for every game in the back half of the season with the sellout streak at 386 games.

Well, one fan dropped $21,000 to buy up 2,100 tickets for $10 each. So, while there are still some tickets available, it definitely looks like the streak will survive.

Now, as you can imagine, some people think this might be cheating. Some people think it doesn’t really mean the streak is alive.

After all, if people aren’t actually buying tickets, can you count it when one man has to bulk buy seats?

That’s a fair criticism, but let me throw out a counter argument. If the 2,100 tickets the unnamed fan bought are actually used, I see no problem with this move.

Find some people who maybe have never been to a game or find a charity that would love to hand out some tickets. There’s no way the unnamed buyer actually needs 2,100 tickets.

This was done to save the sellout streak, and thus, a way should be found so the tickets can still be used.

Fan spends $21,000 to help extend the Nebraska sellout streak. (Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images)

The last thing Nebraska wants to do is what Rutgers did last weekend. Claiming a sellout with open seats everywhere is just a brutal look. Get the tickets into the hands of people who actually plan on going to the game.

Written by David Hookstead

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