Nebraska Is Spending A Shocking Amount Feeding Its Athletes

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The Nebraska Cornhuskers aren’t a cheap program to feed.

The Associated Press published a fascinating piece about how inflation and rising costs are causing strain on athletic budgets, and it turns out Nebraska is writing some huge checks to make sure the school’s athletes are fed.

It will cost roughly $3.8 million to feed Nebraska athletes this school year. That includes buying 2,200 pounds of beef every single month.

Nebraska spends nearly $4 million to feed its athletes. (Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images)

Nebraska spent $3.2 million on feeding athletes last season. That means food costs for the Cornhuskers are up more than 18%.

Even before inflation hammered prices, Nebraska was spending a stunning amount of money feeding the team. Now, the number is jarringly high.

While most of this money is probably directed to the football team, there are still a ton of other athletes in a variety of sports in Lincoln. They all need to be fed, and thanks to inflation, the program is spending nearly $4 million a year.

Nebraska spends a ton of money feeding athletes. (Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images)

The university could buy a new mansion every single year with how much money is being spent to keep the Nebraska Cornhuskers fed and full.

Below is the most expensive house on the market in Lincoln. You could buy two of them every single year for how much money is being spent on the beef heavy diets for athletes.

Nebraska is spending a ton of money feeding athletes. (Credit: Redfin)

Unfortunately, spending the price of a mansion on food hasn’t helped the football team. The Cornhuskers are an embarrassing 3-6, but at least they’re eating well. You can’t complain about that.

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