Nearly 73M Americans Have Received COVID Vaccine Already

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said 72,806,180 doses of COVID-19 vaccines have been administered as of Saturday morning.

The CDC also said it has distributed 96,402,290 doses through Saturday.

Courtesy of the CDC.

These totals include both the Moderna and Pfizer/BioNTech vaccines as of Saturday at 6 a.m. ET.

Courtesy of the CDC.

Both the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines involve two doses. Pfizer’s vaccine has been administered in roughly two million more vaccinations than Moderna’s has.

On Friday, CDC data showed a tally of 70,454,064 vaccine doses administered and 94,300,910 doses distributed.

On Saturday, 48,435,536 people had received at least one vaccine dose, while 23,698,627 had received the two doses, data shows.

The CDC said a total of 7,043,540 vaccine doses have been administered in long-term care facilities.

Written by Megan Turner

Megan graduated from the University of Central Florida and writes and tweets about anything related to sports. She replies to comments she shouldn't reply to online and thinks the CFP Rankings are absolutely rigged. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.


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  1. No thanks this whole thing has political out of the gate these vaccines were developed within months for a disease that most people have no problem more than the flu which is also a corona virus. And Moderna had never ever brought anything to market before now all of a sudden they develop this in a matter of months. And all these juiced death numbers its come out way overstated if you died of a heart attack but tested with covid they listed death as covid just too many lies and misleadings for my taste.

    • Agreed. There were so many deaths Trumped up (all pun intended) just so Orange Man Bad would be out of the white house. Now the Dems see how much control they can exert over the populace and they are keeping it going with the oh so scary talk of variants…

      • It amazes me how more people don’t realize how trumped up the deaths are. Like Clay and others have said, there is a difference between *dying from Covid* and *dying with Covid*. The liberal propaganda machine “found” covid deaths everywhere they could. Heart attack, with Covid? Counts as covid death. Car accident, with covid? Counts as covid death. End stage liver disease, but in final days contracted covid? Counts as covid death…..and like you said Reiner, now they are keeping it going with oh so scary talk of variants.

  2. This data is a little bit disturbing. It means that only 23 million people have immunity since it requires TWO doses of vaccine in order to be sufficiently immunized.

    It also means that 24,736,909 people have either elected NOT to receive the second dose, or are somehow unable to get the second dose. That’s far too many. We have no data on the effectiveness of receiving only one dose of vaccine. It could provide some protection, or almost none.

    Again, what we need to be testing for is existing (or acquired, through vaccination OR exposure) immunity with IgG. Doing mass testing over and over and over again for antigen expression has done little to reduce the spread of SARS Cov-19.

    Antibody testing will give us information on how far we are toward acquiring herd immunity. But this has been largely ignored as a strategy. It’s been “test everyone in America over and over – up to 3x per week” and wear masks = failed strategy. It’s the public health equivalent of making people pull their shoes off at the airport.

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