Wife Of BYU Football Captain Details 'Insane Amount Of Hate' After Expressing Frustration Over Lack Of Parking For Injured Husband

BYU football is not having the season that it might have hoped. The Cougars lost their fifth game of the year on Friday night and are in danger of missing out on a bowl.

Part of BYU's struggles stem from some issues staying healthy. It has dealt with a lot of injuries throughout the season, including junior captain linebacker Payton Wilgar.

Wilgar, who has started in all three of his years in Provo, left the Arkansas game early with a high ankle sprain and has worn a boot ever since. His wife, Krissy, was not pleased with how her husband was treated on Friday.

One might assume that BYU football has dedicated parking spots near LaVell Edwards Stadium for its players. Apparently, that is not the case.

Not even for a captain who is injured.

BYU football captain Payton Wilgar's wife received a lot of hate for expressing her frustration with the program.

Krissy posted about the parking situation prior to kickoff and said that they had to walk a mile to the stadium because the team "ran out" of parking passes. She also said that she "can't wait to finally move on" from BYU.

In response to the post, which was not intended to get as much attention as it did, she and Payton received a lot of backlash. Krissy went so far to say they got an "insane amount of hate" and that it was "revolting."

Additionally, she said that her husband was unaware of the post and that he was not thrilled that she said what she did. However, Krissy wanted to be very clear that it did not justify the response they received and provided clarification about her post.

Krissy Wilgar's follow-up statement was extremely well-said. And, ultimately, she is absolutely right. She and Payton should not have had to walk to the game, whether he is injured or not. It is a real shame that BYU fans, who pride themselves on their positivity and kindness, were so hateful.