What In The Joe Biden Is Going On With Ric Flair?

In what can only be described as a Joe Biden-esque moment, 72-year-old Ric Flair decided to test the patience of Georgia fans Tuesday when he claimed to have been cheering for the Dawgs in Monday's national championship game.

"I Was Right There Cheering For The Dawgs! Congrats @georgiafootball! WOOOOO! #GoDawgs," Flair wrote on Instagram Tuesday, possibly unaware or having already forgotten that on Monday he pledged his allegiance to Alabama.

It was a moment like Joe Biden trying to remember the name of the Australian prime minister guy he was talking to during a press conference. Or Biden trying to remember a 1973 meeting with an Israeli leader.

Flair, the 16-time world champion, had quite a December with the Georgia Bulldogs program. It started at the SEC Championship when Flair pledged his allegiance to his old friend Jim Harbaugh and took a personal shot at Dawgs head coach Kirby Smart for allegedly not shaking Flair's hand.

And then the Nature Boy followed up that snub of the Dawgs by picking the evil Crimson Tide to win Monday's national championship only to claim Tuesday that he was rooting for Georgia.

Now, is it possible Ric's communications team has been sending out mixed messages because they're not on the same page? Yes. Is it possible Ric's channeling 79-year-old Biden and forgetting what he had for breakfast while eating his 11 a.m. snack? Yes.

What's clear here is that we need a press conference where Ric confronts these questions once and for all because the Atlanta resident is going to be called out by furious Dawgs fans who have turned on Natch.

What? You left receipts for the Internet, Ric! You can't flip-flop like this!

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