WATCH: Ohio State And Michigan Have To Be Separated In Tunnel At Halftime

No. 2 Ohio State and No. 5 Michigan might be playing for a shot at the Big Ten Championship on the field, but off it, the two teams hatred for one another escalated in the tunnel.

With the Wolverines up 14-13 at the half, the two teams met in the tunnel and looked like they wanted to go at it. Coaches and referees were able to step in and prevent both teams from coming to blows.

As seen in the video, multiple Ohio State players appear to hold up middle fingers aimed in the direction of Michigan. After a few attempts to break the barrier of coaches and referees, cooler heads prevailed and both teams went into their locker rooms.

Michigan defeated Ohio State 42-27 to get its first win under head coach Jim Harbaugh against the Buckeyes. For a full recap of the game, click here.

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