Visibly Irritated Spencer Rattler Shuts Down Reporter Over Oklahoma Question Just Days Before Debut At South Carolina

Spencer Rattler announced that he was leaving Oklahoma and entered the transfer portal on Nov. 29, 2021. That was 275 days ago, which in the college football world, is more like a decade.

In addition, Rattler is set to make his debut as the starting quarterback at South Carolina on Saturday. And yet, for some reason, he is still being asked about his time with the Sooners.

During what was presumably his last post-practice press conference before taking the field for the Gamecocks, a reporter asked Rattler a question that had nothing to do with the upcoming game or his current team. Earlier in the media session, the former five-star recruit mentioned how he is excited to take part in South Carolina's famous pregame tradition.

Prior to every game, as the players run out of the tunnel and onto the field, the theme song from '2001: A Space Odyssey' plays throughout the stadium. From there, the music fades and Sandstorm sends the entire crowd into a frenzy. It's one of the best entrances in college football.

Referencing back to Rattler's excitement for his first tunnel run at South Carolina, a reporter by the name of Phil Kornblut proceeded to ask about the quarterback's pregame entrance at Oklahoma. It was a ridiculous question that had absolutely zero relevance to today.

"Going back to your anticipation to running out to ‘2001,’ going back to your days at Oklahoma with the very famous Boomer Schooner (sic), what was it like? Did you guys actually run out behind that or how did you view what they did as you guys were coming out of the tunnel with that?"

A Visibly Annoyed Spencer Rattler Shut Reporter Down

Rattler politely, but firmly, denied Kornblut a complete answer. He also indirectly asked that the media stop asking him about his time in Norman.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time that Kornblut ruffled some feathers at South Carolina. He has a history of dissension with Gamecocks coaches, players.

Despite the absurdity of the question, Rattler handled it about as well as he could have. It is clear that he has moved on from the Sooners and is focused on the task at hand.