UVA Coach Tony Elliott Looks Ridiculous After Chewing Out Kicker For Two AWFUL Misses In Less Than Three Minutes

Virginia head football coach Tony Elliott was VERY mad at his kicker on Friday night. And rightfully so.

However, when you point a finger at someone else, four fingers point back at you. That was very much the case after the Hoos missed two long field goals by a large margin in a matter of minutes.

Brendan Farrell, a junior this year, handled kicking duties for Virginia last season. He won the job as the incumbent again this fall.

Farrell, who also punts when necessary, went 11-of-13 in 2021/22. It was not a bad year for a college kicker, who are notoriously awful, but he made just one kick beyond 35 yards.

After an okay season last fall, Farrell is not finding the same success early on in 2022. He entered Friday's game 4-of-6 (as many misses in 2022 as he finished with last season), but did have a make from 42 yards out in Week 2.

Tony Elliott should know what the Virginia kicker can do, but clearly does not.

Midway through the first quarter, Farrell was called upon by Elliott. He trotted out to attempt a 51-yarder, which would have been a career-high by eight yards, and missed. Horribly.

Just over two minutes later, Farrell had his number called again. This time, he was giving it a go from 49 yards out. A make would have been his career-long by six yards.

Farrell lined it up and gave it his full leg. He was a bit closer, but missed pretty badly once again.

Following the two misses, Elliott went over to Farrell on the sideline and gave him an earful.

While there is no doubt that a kicker missing is unacceptable, Elliott looked mighty silly. He was the one who sent Farrell out there for two attempts at career-longs (by big margins). He was the one who sent Farrell back out for the second kick after he missed the first from a similar distance.

And, beyond that, he was the one who couldn't get his offense past the 40-yard-line to begin with. Should he really be yelling at Farrell, or should he be yelling at himself? It sure seems like the latter.