USC Or UCLA Should Sign Rose Bowl Security Guard Who Laid Big Hit On Rogue Fan Running Down The Sideline

Saturday's Crosstown Rivalry between USC and UCLA came down to the wire at the Rose Bowl. Lincoln Riley, in his first year with the Trojans, took down Chip Kelly and the Bruins in Pasadena despite lying about some questionable clock management in the first half.

Meanwhile, a security guard gave his best pitch for why he deserves a walk-on roster spot.

After the game had finished and most of the fans had cleared out of college football's most classic stadium, a fan decided that he wanted his moment in the sun. He hopped the fence and took off running onto the field.

It did not end well for him.

After running across the midfield logo with a security guard on his tail, the rogue fan ran appeared to have his phone out to film the entire thing for his records. At that point, he ran into another staffer at the 40-yard-line turned back the other way.

Chugging down the sideline, the fan was at the 45, the 50, the 45.... BOOM!

While the fan was looking back at the security guard in hot pursuit to his rear, he completely neglected the free safety coming hard from his right. In doing so, the security guard had a clean lane to lay the lumber and he did.

The fan got absolutely clobbered. It was a textbook hit on the sideline.

Here is another angle from the stands right in front of the tackle:

If either USC and UCLA need a linebacker, they don't have to look far. They have a top prospect with proven ability to get downfield and make a tackle right in their backyard. It was the biggest hit of the night and it came after the crowd had emptied, so he did not get the thunderous applause he deserved.

Thus, you may do so now. How about some quick hands for the fella in the yellow jacket!