USAToday's Dan Wolken Criticizes Texas DL Coach For Cussing Out Team In Leaked Video

A leaked video of Texas defensive line coach Bo Davis going on a tirade after the Longhorns lost to Iowa State on Saturday didn't bother head coach Steve Sarkisian.

"I think one thing that jumped out to me when I first saw the video, you could hear the passion in Bo’s voice," Sarkisian said on Thursday. "We really believe in the staff that we hired and what we came here to do. You could feel the passion and want to get it done."

USAToday Sports columnist Dan Wolken, however, has a huge problem with what Davis said. Davis repeatedly uses the word "motherf*****" when addressing his team, too much for Wolken to handle.

OutKick's Clay Travis responded to Wolken's tweet, wondering if people who cover sports even enjoy watching them.

"Most sports media don’t actually like sports and have nothing in common with people who play, coach and like sports," Travis tweeted. "As evidenced by this Tweet."

It's long been known that football is an emotional sport, one that can evoke the kind of reaction Davis had when he heard players laughing on the team bus.


Things are not going well for the Longhorns, as they sit at 4-5 after four consecutive losses. All after a 4-1 start where Texas was proclaimed "back."