Unsuspecting Big 12 Staffer Takes Slow-Motion Tumble After TCU Receiver Gets Slingshotted Into Injury Table On Sideline

A Big 12 clock operator is going to be a little sore in the morning after taking tumble during Saturday's game between TCU and Texas Tech. He never saw it coming.

Early in the fourth quarter, the Horned Frogs were driving deep into Red Raiders territory. Quarterback Max Duggan connected with wide receiver Derius Davis on a quick dig route to the sideline.

Shortly after securing the catch, Davis was met by cornerback Dadrion Taylor-Demerson. The former continued to drive his legs after the latter got his hands on his jersey, but couldn't break loose.

Instead, Taylor-Demerson swung Davis around like a rag doll and slingshotted him out of bounds.

According to Newton's First Law of Motion, an object in motion will stay in motion at constant velocity, unless acted upon by an unbalanced force. In this case, Davis was the object in motion and the unbalanced force was an injury table.

The TCU receiver was flung head-first onto the sideline, directly into the injury table, which proceeded to collapse. That is where the Big 12 staffer, who was tasked with holding the sign that tells teams how much time is left in timeouts and commercial breaks, comes into play.

He was sitting on the injury table, just minding his own business, taking a load off— when BOOM! Davis struck.

While the table fell over, as did the Big 12 sign holder. It was like he fell over in slow motion, slowly toppling over onto the ground below.

Davis was quick to get to his feet with a little help from one of his assistant coaches. The Big 12 staffer? Not so much. He stayed down for a moment and milked the fall for all it was worth, but nobody seemed to be concerned with his well-being. Someone make sure he's okay!