Trevor Lawrence & Fiancée Holiday Hair-Off, Stone Cold Was Huge In High School, Plus Belichick's New Mask

Here come the Rams

I know the Patriots' offense is rather inept and doesn't have weapons, but if the Rams play in the playoffs like they did Thursday night, you could be looking at the NFC Champions. More often than not, what kind of team wins the Super Bowl? A team with balance. Look at how this person on Reddit lays it out with research. This was two years ago. Since Reddit person did his/her work, the Super Bowl winners have been Kansas City and New England in a 13-3 game over the Rams.

Thursday night, the Rams rushed for 186 yards and held the Patriots to 220 total yards. Jared Goff accounted for a passing touchdown and a rushing score while the defense had a 79-yard interception for a touchdown. And there you have it, a win. The Rams now rank 8th in the NFC in points per game (25 ppg), and the defense is ranked first, giving up just 18.9 a game. Go over to FanDuel and take a look at the Rams to win the Super Bowl. It might be worth a little bit of your cash.

• I might've mentioned this a week or so ago, but let's do it again. The Rose Bowl should be moved to Florida. Run all of the Rose Bowl's Toyota ads or whatever big brand they have this year and play the game in Orlando. As OutKick noted Thursday night, it's looking like California could soon decide to get out of the bowl business over COVID concerns.

• The college football season has to give us a snow game at some point, and this could be the weekend. Illinois at Northwestern could be a sloppy mess. There's a bunch of rain coming in and possibly some snow. Get your chili supplies ready. This one feels like a Beth Mowins special.

• The Nevada Restaurant Association says 30% of restaurants across the state will close this year. Let that sink in for a minute. I'm horrible with math, but even I know that's a massive number of restaurants in Vegas that will not be back in 2021.

• Sticking with Vegas, Allegiant Stadium was hit with its first drone on November 21, and police have announced they are looking for a suspect who did damage to the dome's roof. The guy is wanted on destruction of property and unlawful operation of a drone charges.

• In what shouldn't come as a shock, Time named Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as Person of the Year. Do with that what you will. I recommend not wasting time arguing over it with people you barely remember from high school, but you're an adult and can make your own decisions.

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