The Seat's No Longer Hot, But Jim Harbaugh's Pants Are On Fire

Thanks to a 9-1 start and an 8th overall ranking in the AP Top 25, Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh is no longer on the hot seat. But that doesn't mean things aren't still getting hot for Harbaugh. On Saturday in Happy Valley, Harbaugh borrowed a page out of Nelly's songbook when he was feelin' "Hot In Here" as his pants caught fire during a weekend win over Penn State.

“All of a sudden, (receiver) Daylen Baldwin said, ‘Coach, your pants are on fire.’ I go, ‘Huh?’”, Harbaugh told WXYZ-TV's Brad Galli.

It turns out that while Harbaugh was waiting for his offense to get hot (he's still waiting, by the way), a sideline space heater decided to warm up the head coach of the Wolverines itself.

Harbaugh was attempting to coach up Baldwin when he noticed he was cooking. “Oh my gosh, my pants are on fire,” Harbaugh told Galli of the moment he noticed he caught fire. “I made a little coaching point to Daylen Baldwin. If somebody’s on fire, man, yell, 'HEY, COACH!' Maybe just grab me and get me out of the way — or something, ya know?"

The Wolverines coach continued: “Be a little more emphatic about the fact that somebody’s on fire.”

Much like Michigan, Harbaugh escaped Penn State unscathed and can now laugh about the impromptu sideline bonfire.

“Those are pretty expensive pants, those Lululemons,” added Harbaugh. “Maybe I’ll just make ‘em into shorts — because they burned down to the calf.”

Fortunately for those watching the game, Harbaugh borrowed only the one page from Nelly and didn't opt to take off all his clothes.

Michigan will try and stay hot this weekend when they visit Maryland. Kickoff is scheduled for 3:30 pm EST. Harbaugh might want to bring an extra pair of khakis. Just in case.


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