The MAC Doesn't Disappoint, Lane Kiffin Raises New Flag & A Fight Breaks Out At Las Vegas Airport

What a night for the Mid-American Conference

As a University of Toledo guy, I really enjoyed sitting down Wednesday to watch Bowling Green-UT, see some fans in the stands and catch some of the madness that makes the MAC so interesting this time of year. Nobody does mid-week college football like the MAC. There was a power outage during the Ohio-Central Michigan game. There was an illegal numbering penalty in the BG-UT game. There were more missed extra points and field goals than I could count. There were wild factoids. There were rivalry trophies won in the first week.

Add it all up and it was a great night for a conference that is bleeding money and that would've faced tragic results if they tried to play in the winter/spring. Now the conference is back and giving guys a diversion from politics. That's a win for the MAC. Add in some TV money to help stop the bleeding and the conference presidents have to be pleased with what they saw last night.

Hopefully, you guys are finding time to get some rest this week and getting away from politics from time to time in order to save your mental health. Here in Ohio we're about to go on a five-day streak where the high temperatures are supposed to break all-time records. I plan on taking advantage of this unheard-of weather to get the mind recharged before the winter snows come.

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