The Big 12 May Have Helped Save College Football, But Oklahoma's Loss Ends Its Relevance

Thank you to the Big XII for standing up to the pressure of the B1G, Pac-12, and the legions of CoronaBros but your college football season is over. The whole conference is just playing out an inconsequential string of games.

Oklahoma lost today to Kansas State and the conference is completely irrelevant. It was a 16-1 moneyline upset. Insane.

The Sooners had built a 21-point lead -- as a 28-point favorite -- before seeing it chip away and vanish on a closing field goal.

Lincoln Riley is now 0-2 all time against Kansas State’s Chris Klieman.
Kansas State is now 1-1 this season. It previously lost to Arkansas State.

The programs in the Big XII did not exactly light the world on fire in previous weeks. Here is a refresher:

One TV analyst, ESPN’s Greg McElroy, even suggested that the American Conference —which features schools such as SMU, Houston and Central Florida — is deeper than the Big XII.

Methinks that after Choke-lahoma did not wait until the playoffs to do what it does, McElroy may have been correct.