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Leave it to LeBron & Drake to show up to a Bronny James game and then make sure they created viral content so it was all about themselves

The story goes that Bronny James, LeBron's son, had a playoff game Friday night in Los Angeles and dad decides to show up with an entourage that entered the gymnasium carrying styrofoam cups and clearly with a goal of acting like idiots at a high school basketball game. #neverforget this is all about LeBron and Drake, definitely not about the teenagers. Dad & his buddies just can't show up and watch a game. They have to make sure there are clips of the two of them on ESPN acting like some left-handed dunk was straight out of the 2021 NBA Dunk Contest.

Am I positive this was all about Drake and LeBron? I'll let you guys judge for yourselves, but I was 100% positive after watching a video of Drake arguing with a ref. 100% confirmed.

Ultimately Bronny's team lost last night and LeBron can now go off to figure out where to get more attention in his quest to make it all about stroking his ego. If you're bored this weekend, make sure you read this list of LeBron's greatest lies and exaggerations.

• Brian in Charlotte takes me to task for a mistake in Friday's Screencaps:

Loved the opening with Danger Zone and the Top Gun references. But halfway through you started to push the envelope a little too much and ended up in a “crash and burn” when writing “Maverick strapped into his F-18 to do his work against the MiGs”.  Very disappointed for the lack of love and respect for the F-14 Tomcat that was the plane in the original 1986 movie. You won’t be attending Fighters Weapon School anytime soon with a misidentification like that.

 I will give you some slack that the previews for the new Top Gun Movie do have them flying F-18 Super Hornets as the F-14 was retired by the Navy in 2006.

All in all, keep up the good work. Screencaps has become part of my morning routine. Enjoy your vacation.

• Drew in Naptown did as well:

Every single morning at 9 i open up Outkick for your post, gets my day rolling and helps look like i am dialed into my morning zoom meetings.

That being said, it is an F-14 and i am pretty sure they are Mig-29's.

But hey, i got the point.

• Thank you, fellas. This is why I love the OutKick community. You guys just want to correct the problem and move on with your day. I respect that.

• Friday, I received a #TNML t-shirt update from the OutKick t-shirt manager who is thoroughly impressed by how fast the Mowing League shirts are flying off the shelves. Today I'll try to get an estimated arrival time for these things of beauty. I know you're filled with anticipation. Hang on.

• Here's the view where I'm staying with family in Traverse City. The WiFi is amazing and it's 10 minutes to Costco. Guys, I'm telling you, it's very hard not to have thoughts of owning a summer cottage running through my head. A few trips here and there will have to suffice, but the fact remains that this area remains undefeated at sucking me in and making me love Up North® more and more the older I get.

• Keep sending me your favorite out-of-the-way, undiscovered, remote U.S. town suggestions along with your Best Unknown Sporting Events In The U.S. I'm talking stuff the tourism magazines and Bleacher Report don't know about. I want wild & interesting sporting events (I'm talking all the way down to neighborhood sporting events -- any barstool racing events I need to know about?) out there that OutKick readers need to read up on.

Send in your suggestions for both topics and I'll be compiling posts soon:

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