Tennessee Football Fans To Buy Up Every Seat At Vanderbilt Stadium And 'Checker' Road Game After #TBT Tweet Sparks Angst

University of Tennessee football is on a tear in 2022 and it does not look like there is any way that it will lose to Vanderbilt this year. Obviously, it is important not to count your chickens before they hatch, but it would be a shock if the Vols lost to the Dores.

Ahead of this year's game, the Tennessee fanbase is embarking on a ruthless rivalry mission after a tweet from their rivals sparked a lot of angst. On Thursday morning, Vanderbilt tweeted a #ThrowbackThursday from a rivalry win in 2012.

In response, efforts to 'Checker Vandy' reached new levels. The plan was already in place, and has been since the beginning of the season, but the Commodores' tweet really ramped things up.

Historically, one of the coolest traditions in college football, the 'Checker Out,' takes place at Neyland Stadium in Knoxville, Tenn. 102,000 fans color-coordinate their outfits so that the stadium crowd is split up into checkered sections of orange and white.

When done correctly, which it always is, it's breathtakingly beautiful.

This year, however, Tennessee is trying to take the 'Checker' on the road.

Vanderbilt football is not very good. Although there is some positive momentum in Nashville — a win over Kentucky snapped a 26-game conference losing streak — the Commodores have not won more than six games since 2013 and won just five combined games in 2019, 2020 and 2021.

In addition to the poor on-field record, Vanderbilt football does not generate much fan interest. Its fanbase does not show up by the masses and visiting fans often out-number home fans.

For example, here is what happened when Georgia was in Music City last fall:

Opposing fanbases often use the Vanderbilt game as an excuse to take a trip to Nashville. They arrive on Thursday or Friday, spend their evenings on Broadway, swing by a football game and then head back out to the bars before heading home on Sunday.

It's a vacation that just so happens to include a stop-in at Vanderbilt.

This year, Tennessee fans are looking to make a statement against their in-state rivals. The Volunteers are looking to not only buy up every available ticket at FirstBank Stadium, but they are planning to "checker" the road stadium.

If Tennessee fans can pull this off, it would be absolutely demoralizing for Vanderbilt. That, of course, is the intent. The Volunteers even have a website in place to let fans know what to wear on game day in Nashville depending on their section.

This plan is ruthless. It's amazing.

But with that being said, the funniest possible outcome is that Tennessee fans 'Checker Vandy' and then the Volunteers lose. And then we might get another legendary moment like this:

Either way, win or lose (Tennessee is going to win), a road game checker would be an all-time rivalry stunt. If you're a Vols fan that hasn't booked your trip yet, be sure to do your part! It would go down in history.