Tennessee Fans Nervously Watch Alabama Ending At 30,000 Feet, Thanks To Allegiant Air Flight Attendant

We can all relate to the trouble of getting a good enough WiFi signal on a plane to watch a movie or communicate. But for one group of Tennessee fans, a flight attendant decided to make the ending to last week's game against Alabama a bit more memorable.

During a flight last Saturday aboard Allegiant Air, one Tennessee fan got creative so that other fans could enjoy the final play. As seen in the video, a fight attendant is holding the intercom phone up to an iPad, letting the cabin hear Brad Nessler call the game-winning field goal by Chase McGrath.

As you can tell in the video, some patrons were wondering what was happening, while Tennessee fans started singing 'Rocky Top', which I imagine drove the other passengers mad.

There have been thousands of videos from the ending of last week's game, from people going crazy in their houses to folks celebrating on the field inside Neyland Stadium. But having to sit aboard a flight that's 30,000 feet in the air, with no room to pace around due to nervousness, has to be the worst place to watch your favorite team, maybe besides jail.

Tennessee Finally Breaks The Streak Against Alabama

Unfortunately for the fans wanting to celebrate, smoking is still illegal on planes. So if one of the passengers wanted to fire up a cigar, he would've faced jail time and a fine. But knowing Tennessee fans and the heartache Alabama has caused them, somebody on that plane would've done time in a local jail for the cause.

Hopefully all the fans in orange celebrated with a round of beers for everyone. It's not everyday you get to experience a moment like that, hovering 30,000 feet in the air.

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