Tennessee Announces $30 Million Upgrade To Anderson Training Facility, Including An Athlete 'Car Wash'

The Tennessee athletic department announced on Thursday it will begin construction on a $30 million upgrade to the Anderson Training Center. Since 2013, the facility has been home to the Tennessee football program. As announced, this will be a makeover of many parts of the facility that need a fresher image.

The updated training center will include an additional 30,000 square feet to the facility and a renovation of nearly 100,000 square feet of existing space.

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“When Anderson Training Center was first built, it was one of the best—if not the best—football facilities in the country,” Vice Chancellor/Director of Athletics Danny White said. “This renovation is intended to get us back to that level. I am extremely encouraged by the many donors who are eager to impact that process and help get this project moving because they understand the benefits that will result for our student-athletes and football program as a whole.”

The renovations will include a brand new locker room for current players, along with space for former Tennessee football players. The current weight room will be expanded, along with the nutrition center. The players will now have "nap rooms," along with an outdoor pavilion, which includes a full-length basketball court. Also, they will have an arcade room and a bowling alley.

Tennessee head coach Josh Heupel has expressed since he was hired that the need to accolade student athletes and to get the Vols facilities up to date has been a priority.

“Since arriving in Knoxville, we have emphasized that the student-athlete experience is at the forefront of everything we do,” head coach Josh Heupel said. “The upgrades to the Anderson Training Center will give current and future Volunteers the most player-friendly experience in the nation and an opportunity to maximize their development as we compete for championships. Our program has created significant momentum in a short amount of time, and we are grateful that this initiative will be coming to fruition.”

The training facility will also include a "car wash," for players exiting the practice fields.

"A cool-down-sequence 'car wash' will take players through a climate-controlled mud room to drop off their helmets and pads before navigating through a 360-degree shower wall and cold plunge pool. The 'car wash' concludes with a wall of full-body hot-air dryers and a recovery fueling station."

The university has seen other programs across the country take training facilities to a new level, so they've decided to jump into the "extreme home makeover" madness as well. This will certainly benefit the Vols when it comes to recruiting, especially if they can keep progressing as a football team.

Either way, these college football programs are taking it to the next level.


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