Stetson Bennett Released From Custody After Being Arrested On Public Intoxication Charge At Odd Hour In Dallas

Two-time national championship-winning quarterback Stetson Bennett was arrested in Dallas on early Sunday morning. OutKick was able to confirm his arrest through a Dallas Police report.

Bennett, 25, was charged with public intoxication at an odd hour of the morning. The arrest occurred around 6:00 a.m. CST in the 1600 Block of Tribeca Way in Old East Dallas.

Officers responded to reports of a man who was banging on doors in the area. Dallas Police's preliminary investigation found that officers located the man, Bennett, and determined that he was intoxicated, but did not say where specifically he was located.

Bennett is in Dallas to train for the NFL Draft but it is unclear as to why he was out at 6:00 a.m. He is from Georgia and played in Athens, so he was visiting Texas at the time of his arrest.

Police did say in a release that they found Bennett and "determined that he was intoxicated." No further details about how they came to that determination or how he was found were released.

After his arrest, Bennett was taken to a local detention center and booked. Information regarding his bond is not known at this time.

UPDATE: Stetson Bennett was released from custody shortly before 11:00 a.m. on Sunday.

Neither the University of Georgia nor the Dallas police have commented further on the arrest.

Bennett, who won his second national championship with Georgia earlier this month, is set to enter the NFL Draft in April. He was invited to play in the Senior Bowl next weekend. However, he opted against participation in the exhibition All-Star game to instead focus on preparing for the Draft.

Had Stetson Bennett decided to play in the Senior Bowl, he would have been slated to arrive in Mobile with the rest of the game's participants on Sunday afternoon. Instead, he was in Dallas.

This story will be updated as further details are released.