Square, Tink Do Jersey Swap To Bury Hatchet After Sideline Shove

The University of Kentucky football team's 16-10 weekend win over South Carolina was a typical SEC slugfest that featured a number of bone-crunching hits. But oddly enough, the biggest thump took place outside the white lines when Wildcat linebacker DeAndre Square smashed UK equipment manager Dexter "Tink" Belcher.

A seemingly unnecessary case of friendly-fire had Square in the post-game doghouse, but he and Tink have since mended fences.

Square's shove came seconds after the linebacker's chase forced South Carolina out of bounds on the Kentucky sideline. It appeared as though Square had plenty of time to stop and gather himself, but he still opted to send Tink to the turf. Fortunately, the only thing the equipment manager hurt was his pride.

Less than 24 hours after the incident, Square apologized, sending a tweet that read: "What ya'll dont know is me and my guy tink already talked about what happened... I apologized and we good!!"

In a tweet of his own a few hours later, "Tink" Belcher confirmed that Square had apologized and that he had accepted the apology.

"All love for my boy (DeAndre Square) Nothing like a jersey swap after a hard fought battle," said Belcher.

Kentucky head coach Mark Stoops offered his thoughts on the very brief family feud: "I went down and talked to Tink this morning, and Tink was all smiling about it. I wanted to make sure he was OK. ... He said he and DeAndre were laughing about it after the game and had words. He loves DeAndre, and DeAndre loves him. No hard feelings."

Square will have an opportunity to pick on someone his own size this weekend. The undefeated Wildcats play host to 11th ranked Florida Saturday, who should offer more resistance than the equipment manager.