South Carolina Football Uses Bold Hydration Chart To Monitor The Color Of Players' Urine And Label Their Level Of Grit

South Carolina football wants to make sure that its players are at their best. To do so, it takes every last detail into consideration— including the color of their urine.

When it comes to athletic performance, staying hydrated is a major key and the Gamecocks don't take it lightly.

Five years ago, it was revealed that then-University of Texas head coach had a 'Hydration Chart' posted in every team bathroom. The chart evaluated the color of the Longhorns' pee and gave them a corresponding label.

Herman was ultimately fired at Texas and it is unclear whether the Hydration Chart is still around under Steve Sarkisian. Whether it does or does not, the pee chart's legacy lives on around the country in 2022.

Over the summer, it was revealed that University of Texas at San Antonio also has a pee chart of its own. Where the Longhorns had just four categories, the Roadrunners have seven.

Moving further east, South Carolina is also keeping tabs on urine. Shane Beamer's program has its own Hydration Chart hanging in the bathrooms.

South Carolina's pee chart is simple, but profound.

With six colors and six corresponding labels, the Gamecocks' chart is equally as damning for the players who don't drink enough water. According to the chart, if their urine is clear and they are properly hydrated, they are doing everything they can to get their bodies right and compete for a College Football Playoff championship.

If the urine is dark yellow, they have no grit. If it looks orange, they are bad teammates because they are not putting themselves in the best position to succeed, which hinders the ceiling of success.

The lowest level of the chart is unique. Should hydration completely lack, "nothing changes," meaning that if the players are not willing to do what is necessary, South Carolina will continued to lose.

South Carolina, obviously, is not the first program to install a Hydration Chart in its team facility and nothing will beat "YOU ARE A BAD GUY!!!" from Texas. However, if I was a Gamecock, I would want to do anything in my power to avoid lacking grit. That's ruthless!