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What will you miss about 2020?

Yes, today your social media feeds and text groups will be full of 'f--k 2020, so glad this year is over' takes from people who can't possibly drag themselves away from a single day of negativity. Yeah bro, it's no secret that it was a wild time to be alive. How about we flip the script here and ask: "What will you miss about 2020?"

I was sitting with the family at the dinner table last night and started thinking about how many times this year we've sat down together for a meal. Throw in nights where I'm getting fresh air at a golf course with buddies, and we're probably looking at five times a week. With children who'll soon be loaded with activities, we may never spend the amount of time together at a dinner table the rest of our lives. It's been a huge positive. No phones. No TV. For the most part, no fighting between the boys.

Speaking of golf, there was a special bond amongst the golfing community this year. I participated in roughly six or seven outings and played more golf than I had over a 12 month period in my life. The mood at the course was so refreshing. I played just before Thanksgiving and had one of the most enjoyable days of my year, just enjoying being out, drinking seltzers for the hell of it and talking about life. Golf in 2020 will stick with me for the rest of my life.

Hopefully, there's something positive that sticks out for you as 2020 comes to an end. Onward we go.

• It's not the greatest New Year's Eve college football schedule of your life, but it's football and at one point today you'll need two TVs: Tulsa-Mississippi St. at Noon on ESPN; Ball State-San Jose St. at 2 on CBS; West Virginia-Army at 4 on ESPN. Enjoy it.

• This evening, Ryan Seacrest will broadcast live from an empty Times Square. That should get the party juices flowing. Joe Biden is supposed to join the show at some point, in case you haven't had enough politics in your life in 2020. Should be quite a party.

• In case you haven't been paying attention, Friday's MegaMillions jackpot will be $401 million. Get your 2021 off to a hot start by hitting that and retiring early.

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