Shane Beamer Has A Great Answer To A Terrible Question About Georgia's Defense

South Carolina head coach Shane Beamer was asked what Georgia's defense did to make life more difficult on his offense. It's an incredibly stupid question. They are just a far more talented unit, but rather than getting mad, Beamer offered a hilarious response.

Epic response because Beamer is exactly right. In college football, probably more than any other sport, the skill gap is lopsided. NCAA football will have future Hall of Fame defensive ends running over linemen who'll be selling used cars in a year. Oftentimes, teams that defeat non-ranked opponents have no Xs and Os to figure out. In this case, Shane Beamer acknowledges Georgia's defense is just loaded and there's nothing his team can do about it. Not his players, not the staff -- it's mainly a recruiting thing.

Will people argue that he should have pretended that they can coach their way to beating Georgia? Of course, but those people don't live in the real world. They're too focused on the feelings of players old enough to go to war and refuse to understand that the truth sometimes hurts.

Georgia annihilated South Carolina 40-13. This contest may have been a waste of time for those who watched, however it did bring us this gem of an interview. Never change, coach.