Scott Frost, Nebraska Penalized For Violating NCAA Rules

The Nebraska football program is in trouble for violating NCAA rules related to countable coaches, resulting in head coach Scott Frost being hit with some minor penalties.

Frost received a a one-year show-cause order and a five-day suspension to be served during the "championship segment" of next season.

The NCAA announced its findings "after Nebraska agreed to the Level II violations and penalties as part of a negotiated resolution. The school acknowledges that in 2020, former special teams analyst Jonathan Rutledge coached Nebraska players during practices and film sessions and also helped with in-game coaching decisions, which violates NCAA rules for noncoaching staff members," ESPN wrote.

NCAA football coaches are limited to 10 assistants, as well as multiple analysts. But those with the title of "analyst" are not allowed to offer on-field or in-game instruction. Apparently, that was the infraction from Nebraska.

"We have had an outstanding collaboration with the NCAA, and I want to thank the NCAA staff for their time and professionalism throughout this process," Nebraska athletic director Trev Alberts said in a statement. "It is important for the Nebraska athletic department and football program to put this matter behind us and turn our full attention to the upcoming season. We are pleased with the outcome and believe the negotiated resolution is fair and equitable."

Frost will not be allowed to recruit in person as a result of the no-show order. The former Nebraska quarterback has compiled a 15-29 record with the Cornhuskers as coach.

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