Say It Ain’t Toe: Aaron Rodgers May Opt For Surgery

This little piggy went to Lambeau, this little piggy stayed with Shailene, this little piggy got COVID toe (not really), this little piggy hosted Jeopardy!, and this little piggy ran wee, wee, wee allll the way to surgery.

At least that’s the story Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is telling, and now Green Bay fans are left to hope that it's all just a game.

Following Sunday’s win against the Rams, Rodgers brought up the possibility that his injured toe may require surgery. Soon.

“How’s the toe, and what are you going to do with it for the bye (week)?” asked Fox Sports’ Erin Andrews.

“I’m not sure yet. I’m gonna talk to the doc, we’ll do some X-rays and, ugh…everything’s on the table,” Rodgers responded.

Rodgers, the league’s reigning MVP, has a fractured toe that’s limiting his mobility and causing him to miss practice all week.

“I’m hoping to avoid surgery,” said Rodgers. “We’ll see though.”

Before heading to the locker room, Rodgers added: “I’m not missing any time though.”

Despite the painful toe and missed practice time, Rodgers had no problem stepping on the Los Angeles defense. He threw for 307 yards and two touchdowns while adding a rushing score in Green Bay’s eight-point win.

If surgery is needed, the quarterback likely wouldn’t miss any game time. Green Bay has a bye next weekend and isn’t scheduled to play again until December 12th when they host the Bears on Sunday Night Football.

Fortunately for ARod and the Pack, Green Bay’s been able to reach nine wins with Rodgers at less than full strength. Meaning, the decision to opt for or against toe surgery could be nothing more than a footnote in the Packers’ storybook season.


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