Sam Pittman On Arkansas: 'This Will Be My Last Job'

Sam Pittman has been the head coach at Arkansas for only 10 months and coached in only four games. But none of that matters. Pittman wants his current job to be his last.

During a segment with Scott Van Pelt on Tuesday night, Pittman revealed how he truly felt about his role as the lead man in Fayetteville.

"You know this statement's probably gonna cost me a little bit of money one of these days, but this is it for me," Pittman said during the interview. "I'm not interested in any other program. Arkansas is truly the greatest program in America to me. I grew up 75 miles from here. I have a lake home on Lake Hamilton and Hot Springs. My wife's from Pittsburg, Kansas, and we're home and this is where we want to be and this will be my last job."

If you're an Arkansas fan looking for stability, this statement from Pittman should be music to your ears. Stability is exactly what Pittman brings.

The Razorbacks had gone almost three years without an SEC win and had only one in almost four years and 24 straight tries. Now, the former offensive line coach from Georgia has them one botched call away from being 3-1 this season.

As it is, Pittman's team stands at 2-2, but 2-2 in 2020 isn't like being 2-2 in any other year. The league is playing a 10-game, conference-only schedule, and the Arkansas wins include victories against Mississippi State and Ole Miss. They also played Georgia close for a half and should've beaten Auburn, if not for the refs.

This is a football team that has been competitive in all four games they've played. Before Pittman arrived, losses to North Texas were fairly common. Two solid SEC victories in 2020 demonstrates a fairly significant turnaround for Pittman and the program.

Pittman was not the first choice for many in Razorback nation. UA swung and missed trying to land Lane Kiffin. But Pittman now looks like the perfect man for the job. And he claims he's not going anywhere.

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