Ryan Mallett's Ex-Wife Tiffany Seeley Joins OnlyFans As Court Battle Rages Over Fur Babies

Boy, it sure sounds like former NFL backup quarterback Ryan Mallett had himself one heckuva 2020. He married a woman named Tiffany Seeley before things, according to Seeley, took a wild turn as COVID took over the world. Now the two are going through what sounds like a bitter divorce court battle over their fur babies, and Tiffany has rebounded by slinging photos on OnlyFans.

That's right fellas, Ryan Mallett, 32, is back with a vengeance. An OutKick tipster said we might want to look into the story, and it sure doesn't disappoint.

"Finally December! So ready for this month to be over and start a new year. 2020 has hands down been the worst year for a lot of people not just me," Seeley wrote on Facebook.

"With that being said I’ve had a lot of questions here lately about 'what’s going with me now'. As many of you know a lot has changed for me this year. I moved to mountain home and my significant other and I both started new jobs. We began building a new beautiful home across from my grandparents in cotter and we got married.

"Then came Covid, cheating, and drama around the corner to wake me up from this fairytale I thought I was living. Anyway, to say the least I’ve been waiting for 2021 as many people have been. It’s important to ask yourself not are you happy with the situation you are in but are you happy with who YOU are and how you acted during these hard times.

"For me I realized I hated the person I’d become because I was constantly trying to change things out of my control. I tried to force myself to be happy where I was at, force someone else to show me the love I knew I deserved, force what I thought should happen next to happen. Well the year is almost over and I’ve realized I will never try to force anything again."

To recap:

• Mallett and Seeley start building a house

• Mallett and Seeley get married


• Cheating

• Drama

Hell yeah, we have ourselves some real Arkansas drama from the legendary Razorbacks quarterback who went 3-5 during his NFL career that included six starts in Houston and two in Baltimore.

While she doesn't say a divorce has been finalized, Seeley does say on Facebook that she had to get permission from a lawyer to see the couple's dogs, adding they had been sharing custody, but then things changed. "But randomly last month he decided he just wasn’t going to let me see them at all anymore. Soo that’s the situation currently and I’m going to have to take it to court to fight for anything where I won’t have to separate them."


Beat that 2020. Good luck.

As for Tiffany's post-marriage OnlyFans work, I can't see anything because it's fully locked down. I'm not even sure what she's charging to get a subscription. What I can tell you is that it appears she's not playing games here, folks. Tiff had a rough 2020. The guns are coming out and they're blazing.

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