QB Tate Martell Is Transferring Again After Ohio State, Miami Stops

Tate Martell, the cocky college quarterback who was supposed to be the next big thing, is on the move again and has a new collegiate home, according to several college media outlets who keep tabs on Tate's whereabouts. Martell, who originally committed to the University of Washington at 14 and then went to Ohio State, has transferred from Miami and will now be taking his talents back home to Las Vegas where he'll play for UNLV. Martell, who has completed just 24 passes in his collegiate career, started his collegiate career at Ohio State and then went through a position change at Miami, where the coaching staff made him a wide receiver. Now, he appears to be switching back to his original quarterback position. And there's bad news if you can't stand Tate Martell: He'll have two years of eligibility remaining. The 23-year-old Martell has had quite a college career off the field. He famously told the media he wasn't impressed by Justin Fields transferring from Georgia to Ohio State. “Why would I leave for someone who hasn’t put a single second into this program yet,” Martell said in December 2018. “I’ve put two years of working my ass off for something that I’ve been waiting for and dreaming of having my whole life. “There’s no doubt, I know I wasn’t ready my freshman year, but two years of waiting around and having to compete with guys like Dwayne Haskins, Joe Burrow and J.T. Barrett, I know that I’m an elite quarterback. When I get my chance I will run the offense at a very high level." By January, he was leaving Ohio State for Miami where he promptly hooked up with an Instagram model Kiki Passo. That would eventually lead to wild drama

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