QB Cade McNamara Ready To Lead Michigan In 2021

It took some time for Jim Harbaugh and the rest of the coaching staff at Michigan to figure it out, but now that they have, they are excited about the potential of new quarterback Cade McNamara.

McNamara shined during workouts in the spring, and though Michigan will be a very young team entering 2021, the coaches know they have a quarterback who can calm things down.

When preseason camp kicks off next Friday, August 6th, McNamara will be under center with the first team after the way he played in the spring.

Being the starting quarterback anywhere is special, but McNamara wants to take the Wolverines to another level.

“I enjoy that part of being a quarterback,” McNamara said last week.

“You are given a leadership role. No matter what your leadership type is prior — that’s something I embrace. That’s something that I continue to work on.

“Being able to influence my teammates and just help our team win, that’s something that I take seriously.”

Last season, the Wolverines struggled, winning just two of six games played due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

McNamara, who has started just one game, will have a lot of pressure.

“I’ve been on the field, I’ve been in a game — I’ve seen the speed and noticing what we can work on in practice and what will work on game day is something of the perspective I’ve been able to gain,” McNamara said.

“Overall, I think I had the spring I wanted. I performed really well. I’m very pleased with how my spring went, and I look forward to building on that.”

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