Portland State Football Coach Offers To Buy You A Beer If You Come Watch His Team

Portland State football coach Bruce Barnum seems like the type of guy you want to sit down with to consume a bowl of chili and several draft beers. Before this week, 'Barney,' as his players call him, has quietly gone about his coaching business out on the West coast where he's been the head man at PSU since 2015 when he beat Washington State in his first game and was rewarded with a five-year contract.

“I really love this job,” Barnum once told a reporter.

And now the 57-year-old coach who looks like he can work his way through whatever the bar is serving on draft, is offering fans the chance to come have a beer while he coaches the Vikings against Western Oregon this Saturday at Hillsboro Stadium.

Bruce is so jacked up for this year's team that he's offering to buy a beer for fans who show up to this week's game. Come have a beer and watch Bruce's team. A simple offer.

“I’ve got to get people to see my kids,” Barnum told John Canzano of The Oregonian. “I like my team.”

(Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images)

And so the guy who once gave $15,000 in performance bonuses he'd earned to his assistant coaches is ready to give back again.

“I’ve got a deal for you,” Barnum told Canzano, “anybody who heard me on your show... just say ‘I heard Barney on the BFT’ at the Barney Beer Garden and I’ll buy your beer.

“I’m not buying your ticket, but I’ll buy your beer.”

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