Pac-12 Completes Self-Cannibalization, Every Single Football Team Has Transitive Property Win Over Entire Conference

As tends to be the case in recent years, the Pac-12 Conference has completely cannibalized itself on the football field. Every single school in the conference has a transitive property win over every other team in the entire conference.

Let's break it down!

Here are the current standings through the first 10 weeks of the 2022 college football season:

Notice how every single team has won a conference game, from top to bottom. All 12 teams have at least one win over a fellow conference opponent. Even Colorado and Stanford, two programs that are truly abysmal this year.

That is crucial to the self-cannibalization. It looks like this:

As a result of the circle of wins/losses, every team in the Pac-12 can claim to be better than the others.

For example:

Colorado beat Cal, which beat Arizona, which beat UCLA, which beat Utah, which beat USC. Thus, by transitive property, the Buffaloes are actually the best team in the conference.