PAC-12 Commissioner Reveals If UCLA Will Terminate Big Ten Deal

Is there a chance UCLA pulls the plug on plans to join the Big Ten?

The Bruins and USC will make the jump to the Big Ten in 2024, and the decision has left many fans in shock.

PAC-12 commissioner George Kliavkoff , however, wants fans to know UCLA - the flagship university in California - would be welcomed back if it reverses the decision.

"I'd say UCLA is in a really difficult position. A lot of constituents are very, very unhappy with the decision," Kliavkoff said Friday morning.

When speaking directly about UCLA potentially not leaving, he said, "I think it is unlikely, but if they come back, we welcome them back."

Well, at least Kliavkoff isn't delusional and tricking himself into believing it's likely UCLA decides to terminate the deal to join the Big Ten.

That's just not going to happen. UCLA has made it clear it needs the money the Big Ten can provide in order to stay above water.

It's a financial decision, and at the end of the day, the PAC-12 just can't pay enough.

USC and UCLA will join the Big Ten as planned in 2024, and a new era of college football will be upon fans. It will be something nobody could have ever expected or prepared for.

Get mentally prepared for it to happen because there's no stopping progress at this point.

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