OSU Fans Are Going To Be Furious Over Dabo Swinney's Final Coaches' Poll Ballot

The final coaches' poll ballots were sent in this weekend, and Ohio State fans, already fired up for another shot at Clemson, are going to be extra triggered after they get a look at where Dabo Swinney ranked the Buckeyes on his ballot. Dabo last week said that Ohio State getting into the College Football Playoff was "almost like you've got to have 120 hours to get a business degree and yet these people over here only need 60 hours to get a business degree." On his final ballot, he ranked Ohio State No. 11, behind the likes of Iowa State and Coastal Carolina. Staying true to his belief that the Big Ten's season should be devalued because the conference didn't start playing until October 24, Dabo didn't let his foot off the gas when ranking teams for his ballot. "It's incredible, and I think the Big Ten had the same opportunity, and they chose not to play. And I think the only reason they ended up playing is because of the leadership of the SEC and the ACC and the Big 12, and have demonstrated that we can do it and do it in a safe way," he said December 11. "So it's been an unbelievably challenging season, that's for sure, but I think that the committee's going to have some tough, tough, tough questions to answer and things like that, regardless of what they do." "Obviously, as coaches, we don't control any of that stuff. So I do think that our team has played incredibly well. We had a double-overtime loss at the No. 2 team in the country now in Notre Dame, who's a great team and an unbelievable game. Again, no matter what happens for Notre Dame or Clemson, nothing changes in my mind, as far as both of these teams being in the top four." Clemson and Ohio State meet January 1 in the Sugar Bowl for the right to play Alabama in the national championship game at Hard Rock Stadium on January 11. https://1o.io/checkouts/outkick_dbap_tshirt?popup=true 61 college coaches vote in the poll. You can see all of the ballots here.

Ohio State on final coaches' poll:

Dabo's final ballot:

1. Alabama

2. Clemson

3. Notre Dame

4. Texas A&M

5. Florida

6. Georgia

7. Cincinnati

8. Oklahoma

9. Iowa State

10. Coastal Carolina

11. Ohio State

12. North Carolina

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