Oregon Football Coach Dan Lanning Gets Massive, Elaborate Tattoo Of His Wife That Represents His Entire Life

Dan Lanning was named the head football coach at the University of Oregon on December 11, 2021. Just over one year later, on Saturday, he got a massive, elaborate tattoo that reflects his journey and the life that he has built.

Lanning, 36, married his wife, Sauphia in 2009. She is the basis for his tattoo, which reaches from just below the armpit to just above the waist on his left side.

They have three sons together: Caden, Kniles and Titan.

Each of their names are tattooed on Sauphia's neck. A cross necklace represents their Christian faith.

Also on Sauphia's neck is a yellow ribbon. It is the only color on the entire tattoo, because it is carries the most weight.

A yellow ribbon represents bone cancer. Sauphia was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma in 2016, and has been cancer-free for five years as of May.

The rest of Dan Lanning's tattoo represents his coaching career.

Lanning also spent two years at Memphis as the Inside Linebackers coach and Recruiting Coordinator. It is unclear as to whether his time with the Tigers is reflected in the tattoo. I can't figure it out.

As for the unknown, it appears to be a boomerang. Lanning and his wife Sauphia met at Outback Steakhouse about 16 years ago. She was a to-go girl, he was a server. Presumably, that is where the boomerang comes into play.

Lanning's tattoo very profound. His entire life is forever on his left side.