One Of the Biggest Arguments Between Georgia Players At Media Day? Waffle House, Chili's or Applebees

Los Angeles- One of the more pressing matters of the college football playoff media days had nothing to do with the play on the field. Nope, for the Georgia offensive line, it centered around the choice between Waffle House, Chili's or Applebees for a postgame meal. There was even a choice of McDonald's, if you're into that sort of food.

While media members scoured the floor asking about which player from TCU would cause the biggest problem, I stumbled across a conversation that most likely only happens in the South. The back and forth between Devin Willock, Tate Ratledge, Warren Ericson and Xavier Truss made for some interesting arguments.

Sure, Waffle House is almost certainly the go-to spot if you're coming off a long night of celebrating with your teammates or friends, but these players added a different level to the question.


Georgia Players Decide Between Waffle House And McDonald's

Which spot is the best after a high-school football game at 2am in the morning. Now, the arguments for each one made sense, besides Tate Ratledge pointing out the Applebee's was 'microwaved food', to the dismay of some.

"Ya'll are going to get microwaved food, because that's all Applebee's is, and Chili's. Chili's and Applebees are all the same," Ratledge said about the two.

This almost felt like a scene from the show Friday Night Lights, as I sat there and listened to these young men discuss their cravings for a postgame meal. In a moment of clarity, Tate Ratledge spoke up about his favorite meal from Waffle House.

"Hash-brown, extra egg. Gimme a chocolate-chip waffle and a a plain waffle."

The opinions varied on which postgame meal would suffice, with Devin Willock going with the McGriddle from McDonalds. Even Xavier Truss weighed in with the 'McGriddle over Waffle House' take, which baffled me as a southerner.

I couldn't help but notice how calm these Georgia players were, but being in this spot multiple times over the last few years has certainly helped. Even Kirby Smart was asked the question, going with the smothered and covered with cheese from Waffle House.

The city might change, but the way this Georgia football team goes about its business has not. There were the playful moments between teammates on the convention center floor, but it was very straightforward.

I think it's safe to assume Waffle House would win most arguments, but a few players made a strong case for other food stops. It's a shame Chick-fil-A isn't open that late, or it might've won this argument.

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