Ole Miss Fan Gets CLOBBERED By Police Officer In Extremely Patriotic End Zone After Running Onto Field Mid-Game

Ole Miss' game against Auburn, per usual, was chaotic. The Tigers found a way to hang around after falling behind early, lightning in the area caused a fairly lengthy delay, and a fan who ran onto the field got absolutely rocked.

Late in the second half, when weather rolled into the area, ESPN was forced to evacuate many of its cameramen. As a result, it became a two-angle broadcast with both cameras situated way up top.

While it would typically be frustrating for fans watching at home, because the action is so far away, it resulted in greatness on Saturday. The All-11 angle showed the entire field, which gave a great look at a Rebels fan who took off across the gridiron.

Although the rogue fan wasn't visible when he made it to the end zone and got tackled, Dan Orlovsky's reaction said it all. It sounded like fan got rocked.

Sure enough, that is exactly what happened.

Ole Miss held its military appreciation game on Saturday, so the midfield logo and end zones were painted patriotically. The fan made his way across the entire field — all 100 yards — but had a rude awakening waiting for him in the American flag-painted end zone.

Ole Miss "streaker" gets CLOBBERED by police officer

At first, he was wrapped up by a stadium security guard, who was the first hat to the ball. From there, a group of Mississippi Highway Patrol officer converged on the scene and took him down.

One of the officers in particular came in from the blindside and laid the wood. It was a big hit, which made Orlovsky — and the press box — react the way that they did. He lowered the shoulder, wrapped up and pulverized the fan into the grass below.

Here is a closer look at the textbook tackle:

Ole Miss' defense was struggling to stop a lackluster Auburn offense throughout the afternoon. Perhaps Lane Kiffin should look into the officer's eligibility and get him on the field next week?