North Carolina -- Which Will Never Make The Playoff Anyways -- Is Against Expansion

Count the North Carolina football program as one team that is opposed to the NCAA proposal gaining steam to expand the playoffs to 12 teams. Carolina making the playoffs would be about as likely as Tom Brady buying a condo in Foxborough upon retirement. Nevertheless, head coach Mack Brown said his Tar Heels are against the proposed 12-team playoff.

“There's been a 12-game playoff proposal. We took it to our players and we asked them what they thought because it's going to affect them more than anybody else." said Brown, per Inside Carolina.  "And our players were against the 12-team playoff. They were about even between a six- or eight-team playoff, and they felt like that each of the conference champions should have an automatic bid."

Brown continued: "They felt like that the group of five's highest ranked team should have an automatic bid. And then the highest ranked team would take the other few spots if it was an eight-team playoff, because we always want to know what our players are thinking, because we feel like, again, it's going to affect their life more than anybody else.”

Should the expanded playoff proposal pass, the soonest the new format would go into effect would be the 2023 season, meaning current Tar Heel juniors and seniors won't have to worry about a change for the remainder of their time in Chapel Hill.

North Carolina finished last season 8-4, including a season-ending loss to Texas A&M in the Orange Bowl. With numbers like those, their playoff opinion won’t carry much weight.